You can purchase a WidgetStudio license for

  • Single users ( 1 activation )
  • Small teams ( 5 activations )
  • Medium teams ( 10 activations )
  • Large teams ( 25 activations ).

Choose the licensing option that best fits your needs.

Licensing Abilities

Each activation gives the user full capabilities of WidgetStudio. A fully licensed app will allow the user to deploy and share custom-made or downloaded widgets.

Additionally, each license may be used on two computers. This gives a developer the chance to develop and test their widgets on macOS and Windows operating systems before deployment.

Installing your License

After purchasing a license here, you need to copy/paste the license information in the splash screen.

Licensing from Demo Mode

If you're using Demo mode and purchase a license, you can click on any Red "Demo Mode" button. This will allow you to put in your license key and activation name.