Makes it easy to use, design and share powerful interface widgets, like calendars, gauges, charts, and timers. Pick from the constantly growing set of included widgets or build your own. Freely share them with your customers or friends.
There is no need to learn any other programming language to use WidgetStudio. If you can design a FileMaker Layout, you can use WidgetStudio’s built in point and click interface to modify the look and feel of the widget. Just few more clicks and your customized widget is embedded into your own FileMaker file, ready to go!
If you like JavaScript, HTML and CSS, you will love the familiar built in code editors. Enjoy language specific code formatting, coloring and syntax checking, while you are building or tweaking widgets.  When you get it just right, share them with your friends.

Super Powers

 When you use WidgetStudio you get the following super powers:
  • Access to constantly growing set of ready-made widgets
  • A simple user interface for adjusting the look feel and behavior of any widgets
  • Easily embed widgets in your own files with no dependancies
  • Integrated, HTML, CSS and JavaScript code editors for advanced developers
  • A simple and consistent format for sharing widgets with other developers
  • Royalty free re-distribution of widgets.

Royalty Free Distribution

You are free to share and distribute the widgets that are included with WidgetStudio in anyway that you want, provided you leave the copyright notice in the generated code in place.  There is no runtime dependency on WidgetStudio or any plugin. Once you place a widget into your file, WidgetStudio is no longer required for the Widget to function. It has become part of your solution, and you can use it forever.

An Essential Escape Hatch

The FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform provides a powerful framework to hang any custom application on. You can get incredibly far without having to resort to advanced techniques and traditional programming languages. But it also has what we call escape hatches, for those times when you need to do something that can’t easily be done with the tools out of the box.
One such escape hatch is the FileMaker Web Viewer. With it we can design any deploy any kind of interface widgets we need to FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro, using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.  It is incredibly powerful and means we never have to say “ we can’t do that “ to our customers. WidgetStudio is designed to make this escape easier to use for everyone, including both the people who want to use widgets and those that want to build them.