Syncing and Watching Changes

Once your widget (new or existing) is set up to use an External Editor, you can use WidgetStudio's "Syncing" and "Watcher" features. This allows you to see the updates you've made in the editor change the render in the web viewer inside WidgetStudio. 


The syncing feature of WidgetStudio is set to bring any changes you've made to the widget's code back into WidgetStudio's rendering setup so that you can see the changes. This means you can make changes to the widget without WidgetStudio being open. Once the changes are made, you can open the Widget in WidgetStudio and bring in the changes.

There's a button on the web viewer that performs this action.

Watching your Changes

WidgetStudio can also watch the changes you're making in real time and update the render of the widget inside the web viewer. You can have your external editor open next to WidgetStudio and see the updates. And WidgetStudio will pick up on the changes made to the files and show those changes.

To activate this simply click the "Start Watcher" button.

After clicking that button, WidgetStudio will be watching the widget's folder for any changes and will show those changes in the web viewer.

To stop watching, simply click on the red button.