Compile for Offline Use

WidgetStudio can prepare a widget to be deployed so that it works offline. If your widget includes external sources for the JavaScript or the CSS, WidgetStudio can bring those online libraries into the widget itself.

When you're ready to deploy, simply choose the "Offline Compiler" options. 

You'll be presented with three buttons that allow you to choose the method.

Each of these buttons will perform the same as the normal deployment methods with one exception. You first must choose the file that this will be deployed to.

This is necessary because WidgetStudio will build a table inside that file that holds all the Libraries that are needed for the widget. 

The code in these libraries comes from the online sources. WidgetStudio will reach up to the content delivery network (CDN) and bring the code down to the file.

Finally the deployment methods add an ExecuteSQL statement to the web viewer object or to the script that pulls the code from this one record in this new table.